Mongolia at a snapshot
Mongolia's economy has traditionally been based on agriculture and herding, and its extensive
mineral deposits have attracted the interest of foreign investors, an aspect which has allowed an
economic transformation.
Mongolia has embraced free market economics and liberalized domestic and international trade.
It's been nicknamed the Mongolia wolf, a definition which better suits the country's economic attitude
which as a result has made Mongolia the world's fastest growing economy in 2011 and 2012.
(based on 2013 estimate)
Population:                 3,226,516 (est. July 2013)
GDP:                           US$15.44 billion         (world rank #141)
GDP Growth Rate:      12.3%                        (world rank #3)
GDP Per Capita:          US$5,500                  (world rank #154)
Inflation:                      14.2%                       (world rank #211)
Total Exports:             US$4.385 billion         (world rank #118)
Total Imports:             US$6.739 billion          (world rank #113)
Key Industries:            Mining, Cashmere, Oil, Construction materials
Currency:                    Dugriks (1 US$ = 1,669 MNT - 1 € = 2,310 MNT - 1 £ = 2,742 MNT)
Infrastructures:           > Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan international airport is the largest international air facility
                     in Mongolia
                     The new Ulaanbaatar international airport is currently under construction 52 km. from
                     the capital, and expected to be completed by December 2016
        > 1,908 km. of railways
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