Hong Kong at a snapshot
Population:                 7,182,724 (est. July 2013)
GDP:                           US$375.5 billion         (world rank #38)
GDP Growth Rate:      1.4%                          (world rank #150)
GDP Per Capita:          US$52,300                (world rank #13)
Inflation:                      4.1%                         (world rank #115)
Total Exports:             US$464.6 billion         (world rank #12)
Total Imports:             US$497.4 billion          (world rank #11)
Key Industries:            Luxury, Hospitality, Financial Services, Electronics, Toys, Watches, Textiles
Currency:                    Hong Kong dollar (1 US$ = 7.75 HKD - 1 € = 10.69 HKD - 1 £ = 12.55 HKD)
Infrastructures:           > Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok international airport is a major air hub in Asia, and the 12th
               busiest international airport wordwide, handling over 56 million passengers in 2012,
               and for 50 times it has been voted world's best airport.
               Hong Kong airport is the main gateway to mainland China offering integrated
               multi-modal transport network with China.
           > the Port of Hong Kong is one of the busiest ports in the world in the 3 categories of
               shipping movements, cargo handled, and passenger carried.
           > a well-developed road transport network featuring 2,067 km. of paved roadways
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Hong Kong has a free market highly dependent on international trade and finance, featuring a modern
sophisticated commercial infrastructure, and an efficient wholesale and retail network catering to the
growing consumption needs of an affluent population.
The Hong Kong Government is promoting the sAR (Special Administrative Region) as the site for
Chinese Renmimbi internationalization, and the closer integration with China has contributed to
strengthen the Hong Kong economy.
Hong Kong is a service-based economy, with the services sector accounting for more than 0- percent
of total GDP, as most of its manufacturing sector relocated to mainland China.
(based on 2013 estimate)
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