perform market research,
marketing analysis,
marketing research,
promotional activities
explore the viability of doing business in
selected markets in USA & Asia by

market opportunities and business potential
for your company
create a network of key local contacts
acting as a liaison between your
company and trade in prospect
market; attend industry trade shows
and events in USA & Asia on behalf of
your company
a press release campaign targeting
key business players, trade and
industry media, and aimed at giving
voice to your competitive advantage
a business address where
receiving mail, file docs and
catalogues, and where meeting
with clients, buyers, and distributors
a dedicated workstation for your
export manager visiting local
markets in USA & Asia, or take
advantage of our service for on-site
export manager
Your Smart Representative Office customized
for your real business development needs and goals
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"How to open your Representative Office in Miami or Singapore"
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Will & Rebecca are wine producers and own a wineyard
in Napa Valley, CA. After a
pre|start report they opened
a Representative office at MTW Group for entering and
developing the wine market in Asia. They meant the MTW
Representative Office as “
a business extention of our
wineyard in Asia

Will & Rebecca's business needs:
  • Label re-branding
  • Distributors research
  • HO.RE.CA. development
  • Wine testing
  • Press release campaign
Gianremo, engineer & VP business development for a
building materials company in Italy,  was looking to new
business opportunities to expand company’s growth.
He meant the MTW Representative Office as “
my Florida
office away from my HQ where meeting with Floridian
and US developers, architects and buyers

Gianremo's business needs:
  • Customize database search
  • On-site business developer
  • Newsletter campaign
  • Meeting corporate space
  • Storage space
Josh & Paul Jr. are founders of a progressive greentech
and automation company based in Tampa, FL.
Before opening their own Trading Company and warehouse
in Singapore they opened a MTW Representative Office for
promoting their products in ASEAN markets: “
Representative office proved effective in exploring and
starting new business

Josh & Paul's business needs:
  • Market research
  • B2B business development
  • On-site export manager
  • Meeting space
  • Participate at trade shows
  • Partner research for J-V
Erik & Joel design and produce their own collection of
sofa and furniture company they co-own in North Carolina.
They opted for opening a MTW Representative Office for
two reasons: "
develop new export channels and identify
opportunities for delocalizing a production line.

Erik & Joel's business needs:
  • Selecting a retail distributor
  • Contract development
  • P.R. with trade & media
  • Advertising campaign
  • Press release campaign
  • Participate at trade shows
  • identify local manufacturer

The MTW Representative Office combines the objectives of a traditional Representative Office with the effectiveness of the business solutions and
PROBUSINESS services provided by an international business advisory firm like MTW Marketing that Works!

A Representative Office allows conducting a wide array of market research and business development activities, including building trade contacts and participating
at trade shows, aimed at exploring business potential and opportunities in a foreign, or emerging, market where the Company is not present with a regional or
branch office, and the
MTW Representative Office is complemented and integrated with all the strategy, B2B & business development, marketing communication,
corporate & legal services and solutions provided by MTW Group-Marketing that Works!

MIami is the innovation hub of the Americas, the US gateway to markets in Latin America and the Caribbean region, and preferred entry access to the vast US

Singapore is Asia's leading business, trade and finance hub right at the core of the 10-market ASEAN region, and preferred gateway to the Greater China and
Asia-Pacific markets.

MTW Representative Office is ideal for companies eyeing USA or Asia for their international growth and looking at developing a strategic presence by:

1.) exploring Export opportunities in Singapore, within the ASEAN region and within Greater China markets, by connecting with trade, key distributors, and media

2.) exploring Export opportunities in Florida, within the USA market and the Latin America and Caribbean region, by connecting with trade, key distributors, and   

3.) looking for potential local partner(s) for establishing a Joint-Venture for developing manufacturing and/or distribution capabilities in the region, or considering a

4.) establishing a trading company, or Regional HQ, or branch office, for managing business directly in the region
The Representative Office is the most effective and professional way for growing
your business and developing your Foreign Market Entry in selected markets in
USA & Asia
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Powering your business
with a Smart Representative Office in Miami or Singapore
Powering your business
with a Smart Representative Office in Miami or Singapore