Market Analysis & Feasibility Study
Market analysis of target market in relation to your product:

pre|start provides a detailed market report on industry analysis and the
state of competition, what sells and who buys a specific product, buyer
analysis and behavior: who are the buyers and who, what, where and when
they make a purchase, local distribution channels, local regulatory
requirements which may favor or restrict your product, and your competitive
advantage compared to competition
Feasibility study in relation to target market and your product:

pre|start provides an effective feasibility study, an essential business tool for
evaluating and giving a solid and sound starting point to your market entry plan
in target market.
The study will highlight all functional, technical, and business aspects required
for a market-entry plan, along with a market-entry framework and timeline of
business development and marketing activities to enter, excel and succeed in
target market.
Marketing that Works! is an international business consulting firm founded in Miami and with its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore that provides foreign
market entry strategy advisory in selected markets in the USA, the ASEAN region, and the Greater China and Asia Pacific markets.

The effective business tools provided by Marketing that Works! for your foreign market entry plan in Asia include :

• Foreign Market Entry Plan, to develop new business in the world's largest economy, the USA, and in the emerging and developing markets in Asia, the region that
drives global economic growth, in the form of Export, Joint-Venture, or FDI
Business Strategy, to optimize your company and business approach to markets in USA and Asia
Brand Marketing, to customize your Brand Marketing Strategy and Communication according to local values and differences in target market, highlighting the
competitive advantage of your product
Corporate, to establish your Representative Office or Trading Company in Miami and Singapore
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pre|start is a business-focused framework plan designed by MTW Marketing that Works! and dedicated to international SMEs eyeing foreign markets in Asia for
their business growth, and wishing to consider the opportunity and feasibility of a foreign market entry plan.

When considering whether to start a market entry plan in a new foreign market, several companies decide to give up preferring to lose a potentially interesting
opportunity to generate new business, or decide to run solo without planning an effective market entry plan, wasting budget and time in activities that do not
generate any business result.

pre|start is designed around the needs of international SMEs that before starting a market-entry plan in a target market want to understand the real potential and
opportunities for their products in that specific target market, so that they can design and execute an effective strategy and business plan delivering sound results.

pre|start provides business insight and advice on target market, with a modern thinking approach and a structural understanding of markets in USA and Asia.
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