MTW Group - Foreign Market Entry Advisors  is a management consulting firm providing brand marketing, market-entry
and business strategy advisory.
In line with our corporate motto of "
our business is developing your business", our Team of:
                       > Business Strategy Advisors (for market-entry and business development projects)
  > Marketing & Creativity Advisors (for marketing communication plans)
> Legal and CPAs Advisors (for corporate and compliance services)
assists, advises, and guides our clients on how to excel and succeed in markets in Asia,
and in the USA market, as we do understand the complexity of a foreign market entry project.
Antonio Acunzo
Chief Executive Officer
Massimiliano D'Aurelio
Chief Creative Officer
> we founded our company
in Miami, Florida, USA,
and developed our first
Joint-Venture project in China
for a Canadian MNC
> we established our Asian HQ
in Singapore, Asia’s leading
business hub, as strategic
foothold for managing
market entry projects in Asia,
the region that drives global
economic growth
> we launched Start2Asia,
a business unit exclusively dedicated
on advising companies eyeing East
for their international business strategy
and for developing new business in
new markets in Asia, from Singapore
to the ASEAN region and the Greater
China markets
> we launched Ready4USA,
a business unit exclusively dedicated
on advising companies eyeing West
for developing new business opportunities
in the USA market, the world’s largest and
most technologically powerful economy,
with a special attention on Florida,
innovation hub of the Americas, main US
gateway and business hub to markets in
Latin America and the Caribbean region.
> following the continuous growth of the Luxury segment in markets
across Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, and the increasing demand
of market entry projects from Luxury companies benefitting of our
biz tools to excel and succeed in Asian markets, we have created
MTWBESPOKE. Operative from Jan 2014 the MTWBESPOKE business
unit offers bespoke consulting to Luxury companies from the 5 fields of
Luxury Goods, Tourism & Hospitality, Design & Furniture, Food & Wine,
and Real Estate for luxury residental and luxury hospitality.
Q1 2014
Selecting the best business and market entry strategy is a critical decision for a company’s long term success.

Whether considering an
Export project (Direct Export, Agents & Distributors, Licensing), or a Joint-Venture plan
(Equity Joint-Venture, Non-equity Joint Venture, Strategic Alliance), or
FDI (Trading Company, Manufacturing Plant,
Marketing that Works! provides companies with business insight and advice on market opportunities and
potential, with a modern thinking approach and a structural understanding of markets in Asia, and the USA.

Our value proposition delivers a practical business framework for developing a winning market entry strategy and
understanding how to adapt to local values and cultural differences.

Today the original vision turned into a successful Marketing that Works!
with a Team of
Business Strategy & Market Entry Advisors, Marketing & Creativity Advisors, and Legal and
CPAs Advisors
in 2 continents providing relevant insight and business advice to companies for driving the growth
of their products and services and establishing a strategic foothold in Asia or in the United States of America
> we have opened our 2nd office in Asia, after Singapore, in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Operative from mid-July, right in the
heart of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), our Malaysia
Development Office is the point of reference for companies
interested in market-entry projects in Malaysia - the fastest
growing economy among ASEAN-5 in 2014 - and in developing
new business in the ASEAN region not only from the Singapore
business hub but now also from the Kuala Lumpur business hub
Q3 2014
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12 years of Marketing that Works!: on 19 May 2017 we marked the
12th anniversary of our founding, and with pride we celebrated this
outstanding milestone in Miami, Florida, during a corporate event
with some of our clients and business partners.
> We say thank you to the over 300 companies that trusted, and still
trust, in MTW GROUP for reaching their business goals in domestic,
foreign or new markets, and for whom we have designed and
executed over 400 different projects and plans ranging from a market
analysis to a brand re-engineering and a structured Joint-Venture or
> And we say thank you to our actual team of 15 professionals as
with their passion, competence and dedication MTW GROUP grew
from a small office in Miami, Florida, to a multinational presence as
MTW GROUP in 3 countries: USA, Singapore and Malaysia, and
soon in Hong Kong.
2017 MTW's 12th anniversary
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