1 Rapid growth has turned Asia into a global economic powerhouse
10 good reasons
to consider the ASEAN region
2 High potential for growth for 12 business and manufacturing industries
3 10 Markets in Asia to develop new business
4 Limited growth opportunities in other regions and markets
5 New business incentives offered by local governments
6 Stable government and political system
7 Developing new markets and/or increasing market share
8 Reasonable production costs and availability of raw materials
9 Availability of trained personnel and efficient manpower
10 Positive sentiment towards Europe and the USA

● population:                      604,8 million
● GDP:                                 US$2,178.1 billion
● GDP growth rate:            4.7%
● GDP per capita:               US$3,601
● export, rate of growth:   16%
● import, rate of growth:   17.6%
● total FDI inflow:               US$114 billion
● change in FDI inflow:      23.7%
ASEAN at a snapshot (2012)






charting progress towards regional economic integration
10 economies
1 vision
        1 identity
                1 community
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