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Looking for the next shangrila?

We’ll give you the right tools
for searching the right
destinations and get the most
out of your THL project.
Details that make
the difference.

The advantage of a Bespoke
Marketing Analysis
of your
product is the ability to identify
and highlight the competitive
advantage and unique selling
proposition to be presented in
the selected luxury market target.
Fear of sailing in uncharted
waters?  Feel relaxed and surf
on a sound
Press Release for
promoting your uniqueness and
have your product known
Real Estate market is
booming in Asia and
successfully growing
again in Miami,
Now it’s the right time for
- Design Furniture for Contract in
Luxury Residential, Corporate
Building, and Hospitality
- Capital Investment
- Architectural services and
Construction projects
Asking for a blue moon?
Planning an event, whether a
product launch, PR cocktail,
corporate meeting, conference,
or incentive get-together, is
something that requires all the magic
around your product that makes it
With a  
Bespoke Event you do not
have to wait for the blue moon to
impress your target with an event
that will be the talk of the town
The importance of an effective Market-Entry Plan
Export, Joint-Venture, Flagship store, Shop-in-Shop, Franchising,
Trading Company, Representative Office ...

We can assist you in:
- developing the most effective
market-entry mode for your
Luxury brand and products
- designing a
successful business model
- designing your effective business plan
- selecting the local strategic partner or distributor
- providing legal advice for negotiating business agreements
- designing creative marketing communicating your brand’s value
Selected gourmet Foods & premium Wines represent a
new “necessity” in several new luxury markets

Today it is no longer sufficient to
simply present a product in a new
marketplace and pretend to be
introduced in a new market. The goal
is knowing the necessity of the new
market and
customize your product
to satisfy this necessity.
You can rely on our
experience in the
luxury markets.
The ability of screening,
identifying and selecting
the right contact for
your business goal!

"Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends"

Gabrielle Coco Chanel
To learn more about our Bespoke Business Consulting services please contact us via email
Bespoke Marketing  applying creativity to magnify the  unique selling
features of your brand, products  and services for an  effective luxury
market-entry plan.  
Bespoke Destination Marketing  to spotlight your
destination  or  hotel  and  attract  travel and tourism  business  from
target markets.
Bespoke Events creating extraordinary awe-inspiring
and  one-of-a-kind  M.I.C.E.  events  globally  delivering  exceptional
returns  and  long-lasting  memories.  
Bespoke Press Office to keep
buyers  and  media  updated  on  the  competitive advantage of your
Bespoke Business Consulting advising Luxury companies
on  how  to  excel  and  succeed  in  luxury  markets  defining  style,
designing  luxury,  and  developing  global.           
Bespoke Strategy
maximizing  innovation  and internationalization to make your luxury
market-entry effective and exclusive.
Planning to launch
your Luxury brand
in a new market?

Bespoke Consulting for a
Bespoke product like Fashion.
Taking into account all the
what, where, when and why
aspects that turn an idea
into a well-designed and
well-executed successful