Indonesia at a snapshot
With an economy that continues to grow, and it’s driven primarily by strong domestic consumption,
Indonesia with its improving growth prospects and sound macroeconomic policy, managed to join the
trillion dollar club of world economies.   And the new economic master plan has a target of Indonesia
becoming one of the top 10 largest economies in the world by 2025.
Indonesia has introduced new investment laws, increasing transparency and investor protection, in an
attempt to improve its foreign investment climate.
(based on 2013 estimate)
Population:                 251,160,124 (est. July 2013)
GDP:                           US$1.237 trillion         (world rank #16)
GDP Growth Rate:      6.2%                          (world rank #43)
GDP Per Capita:          US$5,100                  (world rank #158)
Inflation:                      4.3%                         (world rank #131)
Total Exports:             US$187 billion            (world rank #28)
Total Imports:             US$178.5 billion          (world rank #28)
Key Industries:            petroleum and natural gas, mining, rubber, textiles, apparel, food, hospitality, automotive
Currency:                    Indonesia Rupiah (1 US$ = 11,315 IDR - 1 € = 15,452 IDR - 1 £ = 18,258 IDR)
Infrastructures:            > 69 airports open for commercial aviation, with Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta international   
             airport as major entry gate to the country
     > 9 major ports and terminals: Banjarmasin, Belawan, Kotabaru, Krueg Geukueh,
             Palembang, Panjang, Sungai Pakning, Tanjung Perak, Tanjung Priok
      > 21,579 km. of waterways (2011)
     > 5,042 km. of railways, of which only 565 km. electrified
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